"When we do right, no one remembers...
When we do wrong, no one forgets."
~Sonny Barger~

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Updated 2-15-99

Here we go…the obligatory "ME" thing. Who am I…what am I…what is my purpose for being here. Ya know…I don't do this very often so pour a shot of JD, pop open a beer and bear with me while I attempt to "explain" me to ya.
I was born in a log cabin in Kentucky and was elected the 16th Prez of the …no, that was Lincoln. Umm…in 1200 AD I rode with Ghengis Khan and the barbarian hordes…so a psychic told me anyway. Maybe that's why I am the way I am in this life. Ever wake up and lay in bed staring at the ceiling wondering if maybe ya missed a step somewhere and this "reality" is just the reality of the day? Well, that's me. Why am I here, how did I get here and when do I get to go back to pillaging the countryside? ~EG~
I call the north coast of America home. To the north is Cleveland and to the south lay …well…a lot! Mostly a lot of places I would rather be than where I am but such is life. "The grass is always greener…" and all that bullshit.
I just turned 39 in January and for some reason I still see a kid when I look in the mirror. Maybe that's because I don't take life all the seriously…I mean I do but not to the point where I waste time telling myself it's time to grow up and be "A MAN"…wat da hell does that mean anyway? If I cut my hair and traded my Levi's in for slacks I would grow up? Okay…I guess I'll stay a kid then. It seems like a lot more fun and besides…did ya ever try to get oil out of a pair of Dockers?
What am I into? Bikes, Music and Saturday Nights. What else is there? And look at how well the three of em go together! Gimme a Harley to ride to a dark bar, shots of JD and a good band to groove on and I'm a happy guy…see, it don't take much to make me happy and it takes a lot to piss me off so, if ya ever in Medina, Ohio just find a place that pours shots of Jack and ask for me. Someone will tell ya how to find me.
I've been draggin my ass around on a Harley for 22 years so I have a very concrete opinion about the machine AND the people who ride em. I tend to hang with the ones who ride for the sake of riding and I will ignore the ones who sit out front at the curb stylin' and profilin' on there latest investment. Guys like me never buy our Harleys as investments and we never sell em to buy the wife a mini-van or because we suddenly feel the urge to "grow up". Yeah…I know but, I have met far too many of these guys in the past several years and they always piss me off because they just do not get it.
So…if ya ever see an old long haired biker sittin under a bridge in the rain cause his wore out old Pan Head needs to be re-wired, wave and give him a nod. Chances are it isn't me but it's a bro like me who would rather push his Harley than ride a concept.

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