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Name    Type    Description
DisplayText String The text to scroll over the stars.
   Use the "pipe" symbol (|) to specify a newline.
   Use {font: [font name]} to change the font for the line. (Note: this one doesn't work for some reason... I'm working on it though)
   Use {font-style: [bold], [italic], [plain]} to change the font style for the line.
   Use {font-color: [255, 255, 255]} to change the color for the line.
TextSpeed int The speed to scroll the text.
(10 is very fast)
StarSpeed int The speed to move the stars
(20 is very fast)
NbrStars int The number of stars to display
(You probably don't want more than 70)
ClickLink URL The URL to link to when the applet is clicked.
Name: Starfield
Copyright: © 1998 ShadoWare
Version: 1.0
Author: Christopher Karper
Original URL:
Usage: See getParameterInfo() for the parameters. You'll need Starfield.class as well as Point.class, and DisplayString.class to get this applet to work.
Contact: Send any questions, comments, or *gasp* bugs to
Notes: This was inspired by an applet I saw on Virgin Interactive's web site for SubSpace. I wrote a nice e-mail asking them if I could use it, and they said "No, write your own!", and so I have. You may use this any time you wish, but there will be no decompiling, reverse engineering, modifying, or anything similar. Don't like the rules? Don't use it... =P And send me an e-mail at if you use this on a page.
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