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February 9, 2002

To Whom it May Concern,
Ya know...some people toss the word "friend" around like a pitbull tosses a kitten. It's just a toy. A little phrase they use to get ya to step in line behind them. Most of us know that shit and hell...we're used to it and accept it as one of life's little annoyances. But I'll tell ya'll this...when some mutherfuker calls me his "Bro" and then thinks that gives his ass free reign to fuck me over and get away with it...well I say "FUKDAT!" Some people seriously need to think real hard about what a "friend" is before they attach that word to someone who KNOWS what a friend is. A friend doesn't just do ya favors and lie for ya. A friend doesn't just make your life easier while you get to kick back while they do all yer dirty work for ya. A friend doesn't stab you in the back and then act like he has NO FUKIN IDEA what yer talkin about when ya call em out on it. And when you call ME your "brother"...well BROTHER lemme tell ya what...never EVER think you get an easy ride from me. If anything the rules get a little more strict and complicated. But some people just don't get it. And they never will. And if yer "Bro" tells you he ain't playin no better be wise enuff to recognise the storm. If you don't you may just find out the hard way that he didn't take too kindly to bein fuked over by his "friend".
Happy 4th of July BRO!

Ohio Bikers Protest Anti-Gang Legislation
September 29, 1999

Ohio - (AMN) An Ohio anti-gang law that went into effect in January states that three or more wearing the same color of clothing could be considered a gang. The law was intended to target the estimated 17,000 juvenile gang members, but also may affect the 247,000 registered motorcyclists in the Buckeye state. Bikers feel it is unfairly applied to law-abiding bikers as a result of negative stereotypes.

Ya know...I've been griping about this kinda thing for the entire 24 years I've been ridin' Harley's and it's becoming more and more a reality. The day when just riding a motorcycle will get ya time behind bars is coming fast. According to the above law, three bros wearing black leather jackets while riding on an Ohio Highway is a crime.
It's always been hard enough just havin long hair and a beard ridin' a Harley and tryin' not to be hassled because ya fit a law enforcement profile. Now it seems that they wanna make it even harder because they ("They" of course being the ~NORMAL~ folks who make ALL the decisions the rest of us have to live with) can't find a legitimate and/or effective way to deal with society's real problems. So...they say if ya "look" the part ya MUST be guilty.
Like most things in life, all ya can do is learn to live with the bullshit I rekon. We can bitch and scream all we want but the bottom line is "THEY" make the rules and we gotta find ways around em. But...thats not EVEN the point here is it?
The point is, who dafuk gives these people the authority to reign over us like sheep? Read the papers. Watch the evening news! I dunno about where YOU live but here in Ohio it isn't the bikers that are making the streets unsafe for lil' old ladies and toddlers. I could expound and expand but that would just make me a racist or cause me to stereotype just like "THEY" do. The facts are there though. The "gangs" they are after are seldom shown on the news ridin Harley's. Hell...they don't even have long hair OR beards.
We live in a police state and if yer not hip to that cold hard fact then yer not payin attention. The truth is (and if ya been a biker as long as yers truly has) it's been that way for a long time now. The problem is now "THEY" have REAL laws in place to make being a biker almost unbearable.
Rule number one to bein a biker..."NEVER BACK DOWN"
When the smoke clears, bikers will still be ridin em like they stole em and "THEY" will STILL be one step behind. Just be vigilant and watch yer back. "THEY" don't back down either.