The New ~And Hopefully Improved~ Links To All Places Worth Checkin' Out!'s the deal...I finally decided to get my ass in gear and work on this place a little. I work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week in a paint shop so my time has been somewhat limited. Problem is...I come in here and what I see bores hell outta me my un-ending attempt to keep every known living organism in the universe happy ~Bein a Supreme Dark Overlord of the Cosmos is a tough gig!~ I am putting up links to places I like to wander around aimlessly in. I also wanna start linking back to other biker's homepages so we can get word out that WE are HERE and WE ain't leavin' till someone outlaws internal combustion engines of the American Made V-Twin variety. So...if ya stumble in here and would like to be affiliated with a madman...sign the guestbook ~always a fukin string attached huh?~ and tell me where ya can be found when ya not either in jail or inspecting the beer taps and I'll spread the word! ~CHEERS!~

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