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Swingin' From the Floor

In 1969 "Easy Rider" introduced the world to "The Lifestyle". Before that most people had little idea what happened when you threw a leg over a Harley and hit the pavement for parts unknown. Fonda was on a vision quest looking for America and Hopper was just along for the party and the ride.
Thirty years later, "The Lifestyle" is stronger than ever. Lawyers ride Harleys pretty regular now so Jack Nicholson's example was well taken. (Even though he did end up with his brains beaten out!) Parties are still the main reason why enthusiasts hit the road but now they are planned down to the smallest detail and the acid trips have been replaced by a trip to the Corporate Displays.
There is irony in all things so I never look twice when I see it in front of me. Like when Daytona cops bust a bro for wearing his club colors in public and the H.O.G. patches outnumber the police patches on the same street corner…or how you have to walk forever to get to the party because the streets are blocked off to all but show bikes and dealer booths. Seems that the reasons we ride to begin with have been replaced with some convoluted marketing concept and somehow that just doesn't seem to be what "The Lifestyle" is all about.
I'm an ~OLD SCHOOL~ Biker...I'm set in my ways and in my beliefs. I didn't buy a HArley as an investment or because everyone else was gettin' one. I bought my first Harley because the whole idea of havin' one in my life seemed to just fit...I liked the machine and the people who rode em. I liked the lifestyle that went along with owning one and believe me...back in the days of "Booze, Drugs, Chicks and Bikes" the lifestyle was a helluva lot more fun compared to the posers I see sittin' on Fatboys in parking lots and at the so called ~Parties~. ~Note to the Wannabes...it ain't a party till someone pukes and the bonfire burns down the town! ~EG~
And neither is this web page. I'm not a computer whiz nor am I an html guru. I bought a computer about a year and a half ago and when I have absolutely nothing better to do I play around here. This place isn't meant to inform or to preach. It's just where I put a little bit of me out to the world. I believe it's easier to agree with someone than it is to disagree and stand ya ground and anyone who stumbles in here and disagrees with what I'm about is free to say so. That doesn't mean I'll change a damned thing...if ya disagree, cool. Build a page of ya own and express your own beliefs. Afterall, diversity is what makes the world interesting. If we all agreed with each other it would be awfully boring, wouldn't it?
If ya came in here looking for another page full of HD praise and images that promote the factory...leave now cause it isn't here. I hate what "the factory" has become and I resent the fact that they have turned their back on the "HARD CORE" riders who kept em in business during the AMF years. It seems to me that when HD stops driving small shops out of business and claiming Copy Rights to a SOUND then I will wear the Dealer T-shirts and stitch a bar and shield back on my leather jacket. I won't advertise for em. What I ride I build...I leave the plastic and computer chips to the yuppie hordes.
The Freedom to ride isn't about an image or a machine. It is about the person who rides. The spirit that sits with his face in the wind and the only problems are those that lay behind him. If that all seems like an impossible concept to grip…well, there is a saying that pertains to being a biker;
"If I have to explain it to ya…you wouldn't understand anyway!"
Ride Hard, Ride Free...
Most importantly of all...


Watdafuk!?!?! Another winter done and gone here in North East Ohio... Not that I noticed it...I was holed up in the Paint Shop all winter so I didn't see much of it. BUT! Summer is almost here and the bikes are rollin again...Hell fukin YEAH!

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